Card Only

This solution utilizes a card as a key to gain access through the doors secured by an access control system. Each access card is uniquely encoded and can double up as a staff identification badge as well.

Weatherproof readers

Our access card readers feature a rugged and waterproof design with IP67 rating making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor implementation.

Sleek & aesthetic design

We achieve optimum performance without compromising on aesthetics with our slim, sleek and beautiful design with multi-color LED for indication.

Enterprise-level memory capacity

The massive memory capacity can handle large amounts of user data, allowing you to register a large number of staff.

Vandal-proof structure

Our devices come in robust and vandal-resistant housing, which is able to withstand a high level of impact even in outdoor applications.

Dust & water protection

Our card-based access control devices are IP67 rated, thanks to the meticulous sealing and advanced engineering. They have superior resistance to moisture, dust and even liquids.

Entrance control integration

At USS, we offer integration with turnstiles, speedstiles, sliding doors and other entrance control solutions. Thanks to their small size and advanced software, the devices are easy to integrate into small spaces.

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