Building Management System

Many commercial establishments heavily rely on an array of mechanical and electrical equipment to maintain comfort and ensure smooth operations. These include crucial systems such as fire prevention, security surveillance, lighting, and HVAC units. However, the management of these systems often becomes burdensome, unnecessarily complicating overall administration.

Enter the Building Management System (BMS), a comprehensive solution that simplifies the oversight of these essential operations. At USS, we specialize in offering dynamic building management solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our integrated BMS seamlessly harmonizes with existing systems, streamlining operations through a user-friendly interface, thus enhancing overall efficiency.

As a leading player among building management system companies, USS excels in the integration, installation, and support of BMS systems. Our expertise ensures that establishments can effortlessly enhance occupants’ comfort, safety, and security through a smart and intelligent building management system. Whether it is implementing an integrated BMS or upgrading to a more sophisticated solution, USS stands among the top 10 building management system companies, delivering unparalleled service and innovation.

Fault detection & diagnostics

The solution has fault detection and diagnostics capabilities that enable building managers to receive useful information identifying or even predicting problems before they become major breakdowns

Automated controls & optimization

Our solution minimizes the need for manual intervention and helps managers to achieve performance goals. This in turn reduces energy use, streamline internal systems, and optimize the occupants’ experience.

Comprehensive customizable reports

Customizable reports for all stakeholders ensures that data is prioritized and made visible in a way that is meaningful to building owners and administrators.

Mobile interface

The solution can be accessed from several devices including computers or handheld devices ensuring that you can monitor building operations conveniently


The solution can Integrate seamlessly with other systems encouraging data exchange, which enhances collaboration with current or new external systems to obtain more meaningful data.

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