Integrated Security Management Platform

Electronic security and safety solutions have seen a revolution in integrated platforms with advancements in technology. In today’s business environment, integrated security management plays a key role as a uniform high-level interface to monitor and manage electronic security and safety systems.

An integrated security management solution incorporates various technologies and subsystems into a single multi layered system. This is a highly configurable system that provides an efficient and reliable way of enhancing the security and safety of people and properties.

It enables organizations to monitor various systems such as video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire alarm, access control, paid parking system, parking guidance system and public address systems in one central operating interface. It integrates independent systems to streamline security management while facilitating seamless security and safety incidents management.

The command-and-control center ensures complete situational awareness with access to event-based information. More importantly, it enhances users’ ability to understand, react, and make informed decisions based on a set of circumstances in a geographic context.

Simple and Flexible

Integrated security management solutions are exceptionally easy to integrate, use and manage. It offers customizability and functionality without sacrificing on ease of use.


The system’s modular architecture accommodates major types of protocols. The system integrates with most of the hardware regardless of type, manufacture or technical features.


The solution provides a reliable level of security by aptly automatically and intelligently interpreting data and activities in response to any security solution.


We offer a feature-rich, highly reliable and easily integrated solution at the best value. You need not sacrifice quality or performance to save money.

Modular and Industry-Oriented

Integrated security management platform offers multiple modules to solve specific business and security needs. These modules include centralized access control, face recognition, license plate recognition, and more.

Reliable and High Performing

We ensure to bring you unrivaled quality, performance and reliability with high-quality transmission of images even at a low bandwidth capacity. We give you the power to connect and control all your systems and devices from a central location without compromising quality or use.


The platform can consolidate every modern IP-based and legacy security application system and device into a singular environment. The open architecture-based system allows for easy interoperability.

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