Paid Parking Management Systems Kenya

The demand for Parking in urban areas has witnessed an upward trend, thus requiring Smart Parking Solutions to keep up with the rising demand. An efficient Parking Management System enables organizations to utilize their parking space effectively while maximizing revenues.

A smart parking management solution kenya automates the end-to-end management of parking spaces and all parking processes related to visitors’ vehicles and payments. It eliminates manual monitoring and tracking of cars while facilitating the segregation of parking areas for paying clients, visitors, staff, and tenants. It also incorporates different payment modes such as automated pay stations, online validators, till cashiers, and payment wallets for better convenience.

The solution can easily integrate with third-party systems such as vehicular entrance control and license plate recognition cameras. It is designed to adapt to complex systems like contract parking, credit card in/out Parking, online pre-paid Parking, or a combination of these to support ticketless Parking.

License Plate Recognition

The system uses infrared cameras and image processing software to identify vehicles by the license plate and allow entry / exit for registered vehicles.

License Plate Inventory

License plate inventory collects and records license plate data to give the facility managers a better understanding of the parking habits of visitors and tenants.

Contract Parking (Subscribers)

Contract parking is especially useful to drivers that access the parking facility daily. At a fixed monthly price, drivers can drive in and out of the parking facility as often as they wish.

Business Intelligence and transactional reporting service

This feature allows your business to gather, analyze, and rationalize data easily. We provide you with business intelligence to use in policy making and analysis.

Payments at central or exit pay stations

This parking payment approach is a convenient, reliable and flexible way of paying for parking space. The system allows the driver to pay at the designated pay station before exiting the parking facility.

Mobile Payment Solutions

With the rapid growth of Mpesa and other mobile payment solutions, there is an increasing need for such integrations. Our mobile payment integration offers great convenience to motorists and parking facility managers.


The voucher system is designed for high-traffic commercial environments. Vouchers allow the parking facility to offer discounts on parking rates depending on drivers’ time.

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