Public Address and Voice Alarm System

High-quality Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA) are essential for dealing with security and safety challenges. The solution is an effective tool to convey useful information to people in public establishments during emergencies. One reputable research found that 13% of people react promptly to a bell or an alarm, but this increases dramatically to 75% with voice messages.

Our solutions are designed to provide world-class quality, reliability, and consistent performance based on requirements and use. In case of emergencies, real time or pre-recorded voice messages can be initiated from the system to aid in building evacuation. Such communication is particularly important for complex establishments where some occupants may be unfamiliar with emergency procedures and exit points. During non- Emergency, PAVA systems can be used to entertain occupants through background music Shopping centers, transport hubs, hospitals, schools, and offices can benefit from an effective Public Address and Voice Alarm system.

USS offers integrated Public Address and Voice Alarm systems for leading organizations across Africa. The comprehensive solutions are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability while saving operational costs. The system is flexible and scalable and can integrate with other independent systems such as fire detection systems.

High flexibility and scalability

The PAVA system is IP connected, which means easy integration with other systems such as fire alarm systems. The solution offers easy and unlimited scalability to fit different requirements.

Effective power utilization

Our PAVA solution makes maximum use of amplifier power through intelligent variable output power for each channel translating to lower operational and maintenance costs.

Ensured reliability

System reliability is guaranteed with multiple redundancies built into our PAVA solution. The system has multiple backup facilities and smart integrations, immune to interruptions due to system failures.

Optimized user experience

The solution features an effective combination of an intuitive interface, which offers a user-friendly interactive interface.

Customized and easy configuration

Configuring and reconfiguring the system locally or remotely is straightforward. Additional features make it easy to customize different functionalities and interfaces.

Smart configuration

The system is highly versatile and easy to set up for different smart applications and functionalities.

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