Full Height Turnstiles

This high-security turnstile with rotating barriers enables maximum control over a premises’ entry and exit. Depending on specific requirements, they provide one-way or bi-directional passage and are well suited for exterior use. Various designs and finishes are available depending on usage and preference

Robust and durable design

Since full height turnstiles are mostly used outdoors, the brushed stainless-steel solution is guaranteed to give you peace of mind with extreme weather resistance and anti-corrosive capabilities.

Seamless integration

We provide various options to firmly embed other access control solutions, i.e., biometric readers, card readers, QR scanners, and much more.

Bi-directional passage control

The full height turnstiles are specially designed to efficiently allow high volume throughput in areas with high traffic.

Simple integration

We help you eliminate human error in access granting by integrating card readers or biometrics with the full height turnstile.

Override key function

In case of an emergency, the operators can manually operate the turnstile to facilitate evacuation.

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