Revolving Doors

The revolving door is perfect in areas such as hotels and high-end commercial establishments where visual appearance is just as important as performance. They consist of three or four leaves (wings) centered on a central pivoting shaft with a vertical axis to guide traffic flow into a premise. Revolving doors are automatically operated to provide convenience.

Tempered safety glass

Revolving doors use tempered glass, which is extremely durable and safe in case of breakage.

Speed regulator

The doors are equipped with a speed regulator to minimize accidents associated with very fast rotation speeds.

Impressive design

Our revolving door offering is thoughtfully designed to conserve energy while meeting the traffic needs.

Power assist

Power assist helps the pedestrian to move the revolving door. A low-energy motor does all the pushing work for your guests, relieving them of half the effort needed.


Our solution integrates seamlessly with other access control systems and sensors for more efficiency.

Architectural appeal

The doors add aesthetic appeal to your property thanks to our superior design suited for a variety of entrance types.

Sensors to prevent accidents

Sensors placed on the doors serve to ensure that pedestrians do not get trapped as the door when it revolves.

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