Walk Through Metal Detectors

The walk-through metal detector is appropriate for detecting metallic objects, such as knives, weapons, and metallic contraband that could be carried by people passing through an entrance. The detection sensitivity level is adjustable to varying threat levels meet.

Wide Range of Detection

The scanners can detect a wide range of objects, i.e., magnetic and non-magnetic metals and alloys to ensure safety of all. The solution has digitally-adjustable sensitivity with a wide range of values.

High-level discrimination

Thanks to their advanced discrimination technology, the detectors perfectly ignore personal effects allowing for faster traffic flow.


Our high-speed walk-through detectors quickly and accurately scan people on transit from head to toe.

Automatic synchronization

Two or more metal detectors with a reciprocal distance can be integrated without the use of cables guaranteeing flexibility.

Accurate detection

The scanner creates a “height of the display,” which uses LED to indicate the exact position of the contraband on the person.

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