Safe Haven Secure Storage Systems

In recent years there has been a rising trend for large corporations and high net individuals to have Safe Havens / Panic Rooms to protect their employees from potential attacks. These are fortified rooms that provide a safe shelter or hiding place for the inhabitants in the event of a break-in, invasion, terror attack, or other threats.

A Safe Haven is a highly secure space that is virtually impregnable and protected from all sides. Made of strong impenetrable walls, floor, ceiling, and bullet-resistant windows, a panic room is extremely difficult to break into once locked. It also has a high resistance heavy entrance door to ensure maximum security and safety for the occupants.

Safe Havens have become an essential component of many architectural designs and plans. We provide comprehensive consultancy regarding the construction and installation of highly safe and secure Safe Havens of great use during emergencies.

Customizable design

Our experts are skilled and trained to assess your needs and specifications and execute a satisfactory solution. A wide variety of configurations and customization options are available for additional protection.

Modular construction

Our high-security safe havens are made by combining walls, ceiling, floor and a door. The components are joined together to create a strong and robust impregnable room.

State-of-the-art technology

Our panic rooms are designed and constructed with cutting-edge technology to withstand even the most hostile attacks. They are made of lightweight but incredibly strong material for easy transportation and assembly.

Climate control

The rooms feature innovative and adjustable ventilation systems for friendly climatic conditions.

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