Smart Surveillance

In the wake of unprecedented digitization and speedy adaptation of technologies, smart surveillance systems have become more than just devices that record specific areas. We create value for businesses and residences by offering them a sustainable, multi-use security optimization solution.

Our surveillance cameras provide raw video data and real-time ready-to-use analytics in a single operation. We cater to multiple use cases, including vandalism, theft, fire hazard, breach of restricted areas, identification of abnormal behavioral patterns and much more.

Our smart home surveillance uses intelligent video analytics to detect threats automatically and trigger real-time alerts to relevant teams. The surveillance system can also integrate with devices such as motion sensors, electrified fences, fire alarms and access control systems to safeguard against any intrusion and vandalism.

Our offerings can record and transmit high-definition videos with a broad range of views, thus eliminating blind spots. Such offerings enhance security while significantly reducing the number of cameras needed to monitor an area, ultimately saving you costs.

Our Smart surveillance solutions are built with superior hardware components to offer superior performance. They can provide excellent imaging at all light levels, including poorly lit environments.

AI-Powered Video analytics

AI-Powered video analytics recognizes risk at initial stages with high accuracy and sends immediate alerts to responders. The technology is foolproof with the ability to filter out false alarms in the most complex of scenes.

Smart Forensic Search

Quickly and conveniently retrieve video footage within seconds thanks to intelligent search technologies. Simply enter specific criteria such as motion in areas, crossing a line, object color or size, etc., and relevant video thumbnails will pop up within seconds.

Live Video Mode

The surveillance system analyzes video in real-time and draws the operator’s attention to events captured by the cameras. Interactive 3D maps and immersion modes allow you to tag and track objects and persons across multiple live cameras. The system also allows combining multiple camera feeds for a panoramic view.

Video Footage Management

Instantly and safely export or archive videos and still images from multiple cameras at your convenience. Operators can also add comments to a recorded video while exporting.

Centralized Monitoring

USS distributed surveillance system allows you to remotely access multiple independent surveillance systems simultaneously from a single workstation. Remote access is mostly useful in multi-site applications such as retail stores, banks and food outlets

Performance and Resource optimization

Our system takes full advantage of your supported hardware with little to no strain on the CPU performance. Multiple cameras are connected to a single server making it possible to use computers with considerably lower specs.

Integration and Automation

USS connects your smart surveillance system with external devices and systems such as access control, fire alarms, public address systems and much more to unlock a door of infinite possibilities and automation.

Fault tolerance and Administration

In case of lost communication with the primary server, failover is quickly switched to a standby server, ensuring that live video streaming and recording are not interrupted.

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