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Muthaiga Country Club – MCC

The MCC is one of the finest and the oldest social clubs in Nairobi, playing host to the Kenyan elite. In addition to world-class sporting facilities, with colonial architecture and contemporary luxury, it also houses a library with over 20,000 books!

The Challenges: The club was concerned with their outdated and incomplete security systems. They wanted to their security systems to reflect the standards associated with the club. Spread over a vast area, it was faced with a unique challenge of blocking intruders from jumping over the fence, or entering through the plantations that served as a perimeter wall.

Building a concrete wall could have solved this problem, but it was financially unviable.

The Solution: USS offered virtual fencing of the property through its smart surveillance system. Cameras were installed on the perimeter on a highly-secure fiber optics network covering the entire periphery of the club.

The smart feature of ‘Line Cross Detection’ would automatically pop-up in the camera in the control room whenever the virtual line was crossed. Other than the smart features, USS provided entrance control systems such as Fast Folding Gates and Spike Barriers to regulate the entry and exit from the club.

To further enhance the entry and exit points, USS integrated the visitor management system – ‘SecuViz’ with the entrance control system to provide comprehensive control and information about the guests and visitors accessing the club.

We also provided a fully interactive control room where all the integrated systems terminate, with access to the control room officials operating the systems.

Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn is an international chain of upscale hotels, trademarked by Hilton Worldwide. From four properties in 1990, it has grown to more than 700 properties worldwide. The Hilton Garden Inn in Nairobi, is a mid-sized 170+ room property with state-of-the-art luxuries.

The Challenges: The hotel is located very close to the international airport in Nairobi. As a result, security was of primary concern. For a luxurious hotel at a sensitive location, the security systems needed to be robust, but also discrete to not inconvenience the guests.

The Solution: We worked with the hotel right from the consulting and planning stage to the implementation and maintenance stages. Our team of experts meticulously mapped out, and implemented, the necessary solutions.

We provided an integrated security system comprising Smart Surveillance Systems covering the common areas, parking, and the periphery. Our Vehicular Entrance Control Systems included spike barriers and bollards working in sync to provide a sally port solution. 

We also provided full-height turnstiles to regulate the flow of guests and employees entering and exiting the hotel. The installed systems provided the security team comprehensive vision of the property and enabled them to regulate the entry and exit to the building seamlessly.

Neptune Hotels – Zanzibar

Neptune Hotels are a leading group of hotels in East Africa, including a picturesque property on the north-east coast of Zanzibar. The Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa is a 4-star, idyllic beachfront retreat with over 170 rooms, and several fine dining establishments spread over 35 acres.

The Challenges: The north-east coast of Zanzibar is prone to rain storms and rough winds. Providing a stable surveillance system in these conditions was uniquely challenging. To add to the complexity was the fact that it is a resort with several structures spread over a wide area.

The Solution: After thorough surveying of the site, our team of experts mapped out the critical locations that required monitoring. The work was planned in two stages – mapping of the network infrastructure on fiber optics, and installation of the smart surveillance system.

After the installation of the system, the management, impressed with the results and the derived benefits, decided to double the scope and comprehensively cover the property.

Through the centralized control room, the solution enabled the management to watch and control the activities happening at the property.

14 Riverside

The Challenge: At the beginning of 2019, 14 Riverside was in the limelight following the tragic terror attacks that targeted the property. Given the extensive damage to the property,we were tasked with the enormous responsibility of restoring 14 Riverside to its previous glory, especially with regard to providing full-proof, modern electronic security solutions.

The Solution: Together with other consultants, we revamped the security of this property and were successful in providing a comprehensive solution that led to the successfulreopening of the property on August 1st 2019. Among the solutions and products we provided included spike barriers, access control, automatic gates, and control room setup.

The public can now enjoy the luxurious office, retail and leisure services that they were accustomed, with the added knowledge that they will do so within the confines of a highly secure space. The property can now comfortably live up to its motto of “14 Riverside the place to be” with the assurance that it can offer secure to its patrons.

Kings Prism Towers

The Kings Prism Towersis a luxurious commercial building that offers customers with Nairobi’s most unique corporate premises. It is an architectural landmark with an excellent, modern design and landscaped gardens, and world-class amenities.

The Challenge: The property did not have a one-stop-shop provider for all its building maintenance needs, including surveillance, fire safety, and visitor management.

The Solution: In keeping with the high standards of this building, we at USS endeavoured to provide excellent turnkey solutions for Kings Prism Towers, namely: aSmart Surveillance System;a Fire Alarm System; Public Address and Voice Alarm; ICT Backbone; Entrance control – vehicular and pedestrian; UPS; IP PABX; Satellite TV; and Automated Visitor Management System – SecuViz.

For the Kings Prism Towers project, we were involved right from the design stage and undertook the installation of the systems. In addition, we continue to maintain the installed systems by having an Annual Maintenance contract with the property.

We offer these same top-notchturnkey solutions for all commercial buildingsin East Africa that require them.


IPS – PDM is a historic building as it was the first high-rise buildings to be developed in Nairobi. The building is situated in the heart of Nairobi’s CBD and hence has a big footfall of visitors.

The Challenge: The property did not have a full-proof visitor management and security solution for the entire premises. As such, upscale visitor management and security solutions were of utmost importance for the property.

The Solution: To regulate the flow of visitors, USS provided IPS – PDM with a state of the art entrance control system, which was integrated with the in-house visitor management system – SecuViz. Among the specific services we provided included Pedestrian Entrance Control – Speed stile, access control and visitor management system. The solution resulted in the seamless processing of visitors and enhanced, overall security of the building. The stylish speed stiles also added value to the aesthetics of the property.

As a result of our efforts, visitor control at IPS – PDM is now smooth and security has been enhanced, making visits to the property quite effortless and stress-free for all its patrons.

1 Park Avenue

1 Park Avenue is a commanding, modern office complex located in the Parklands area, at the Junction of 1st Parklands Avenue and Limuru Road. With an impressive contemporary design, the iconic development offers high quality and flexible business accommodation designed to enhance its customer’s working experience. Notably, it is home to the new headquarters for I&M Bank.

The Challenge:  The property is massive, complex, and attracts a large number of visitors with vehicles. For this property, therefore, the challenge was to provide a seamless parking experience for all visitors.

The Solution: We provided the client with a modern-day paid parking solution that is backed by a parking guidance system. The guidance system allows the visitors to know exactly how many parking bays are vacant and the red and green LED lights in the parking lot provides easy navigation to drivers as they look for a space to park.

This type of parking solution is quite unprecedented in most East African buildings, and we can similarly provide such a seamless paid parking system along with parking guidance system for any commercial building in the region.

Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL)

KWAL is an award-winning beverage company that deals with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, with its headquarters located in Nairobi along Enterprise Road.

The Challenges: Being a manufacturing unit, KWAL had a number of challenges in terms of regulating pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The Solution: To regulate the flow of pedestrians, we installed full height turnstiles. A dedicated full height turnstile was also installed to process the visitor after being registered on the SecuViz – automated visitor management. We additionally installed another full height turnstile, which is used by employees only.

In addition, we provided KWAL with boom barriers at the entrance to regulate the movement of vehicles in a harmonized manner. The employee cars were fitted with Ultra High Frequency Tags. This means that, when employee cars approach the barriers, the Ultra High Frequency Reader are able to sense the tag on the car’s windshield and open the barrier. For heavy vehicles, guards have been provided with a remote control to operate the barriers. The barriers have been programmed in such a way that, when the guard presses the button on the remote, it opens both the entry and exit barriers to allow large vehicles to pass through. In the event of small vehicles, the entry boom can be operated to allow the car to get in and the exit barrier can be operated to allow the car to exit.

The main services we provided to KWAL, in general, were access control, full height turnstiles, boom barriers along with an Ultra High Frequency system, and a visitor management system

Wadi Degla

Wadi Degla Runda Club, which is located off Kiambu road in Nairobi, is a company that offers a wide number of services including sports facilities, telecommunications, real estate developments, and industrial projects.

The Challenges: Security was a major issue for the club, as it is a premise that attracts a high number of visitors from all walks of life and occupations. The biggest challenge was to control the entrance and the overall security of the property.

The Solution: We installed spike barriers at the entrance of the club to regulate the entry and exit. We also installed tripod turnstiles at each of the pedestrian entrances to the club, along with walk through metal detectors and baggage scanners to ensure that all members entering into the club are thoroughly checked. Lastly, we also installed an electric fence to cover the entire perimeter of the club.

Overall, we provided the club with spike barriers, access control, tripod turnstile, and electric fences, walk through metal detectors, and baggage scanners


Rumaisa is a high-end residential apartment building located Riverside Gardens. It is the epitome of luxurious, modern apartment in Kenya. The stunning apartments were specially designed, with particular attention given to space, light, and a high level of comfort and detail.

The Challenges: Considering how expensive these apartments are, the property was highly vulnerable to attacks from thieves. Ensuring that the tenants were highly secured at all times was thus of paramount importance to the property owners.

The Solution: We provided Rumaisa with a modern, smart surveillance system comprising of CCTV, Video Door phone, and an electric fence and this has helped secure the property.

Owing to the latest technology that we used, the tenants are now able to be in full control of their safety as they are able to view the cameras installed in the common areas from the video door phone screen in their apartment. We also provided them with an electric fence so as to secure the perimeter.

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