The Future of Hospitality Security: Dusit Princess Nairobi Success Story

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Client Profile: Dusit Princess

Conveniently located in Nairobi’s Westlands area, Dusit Princess Nairobi exudes luxury. This haven, just a short 30-minute drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, offers 100 opulent Deluxe Rooms, One Bedroom Apartments, and Studios, all graced with sweeping city views.


Before RIANA Group’s intervention, Dusit Princess Nairobi grappled with the limitations of manual security procedures. The need for a comprehensive, technologically advanced solution to ensure guest, staff, and asset safety was clear. This success story delves into the transformative endeavor by RIANA Group, showcasing the integration of state-of-the-art security technologies. It’s a tale of how foresight, innovation, and proactive measures have redefined the security landscape of the hotel, fashioning a haven that is both secure and inviting. 

Defying Convention: The Challenge of Manual Security

Dusit Princess Nairobi confronted a common challenge in the hospitality industry – reliance on manual security operations. In an industry where security threats evolve rapidly, the conventional approach of manual processes no longer sufficed. The hotel sought a solution that could comprehensively and technologically fortify its defenses.

The Solutions: From Manual to Cutting-Edge

In response to the pressing challenges, RIANA Group employed cutting-edge technologies to transform the security landscape of the Dusit Princess:

Smart Surveillance

In hospitality, every angle counts. That is why RIANA Group paid great attention to detail when deploying a state-of-the-art smart surveillance system. High-definition cameras, strategically placed throughout the property, provide constant vigilance, ensuring that any unusual activity is immediately identified and addressed. This proactive approach to security sets the stage for a safer environment. 

Pedestrian Access Control

RIANA Group implemented advanced pedestrian access control systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals could access designated areas. This not only enhanced security but also streamlined entry processes, enhancing guest convenience.

Automatic Gate

The introduction of automatic gates not only bolstered security but also added a touch of modernity to the hotel’s entrance. These gates respond promptly to authorized access requests, allowing only those with legitimate reasons to pass through.

Public Address and Evacuation System

Safety goes beyond prevention; it entails preparedness. RIANA Group integrated a robust public address and evacuation system, ensuring clear and concise instructions during emergencies. This minimizes panic and expedites evacuations.

Pedestrian Entrance Control – Turnstiles

RIANA Group strategically deployed Turnstiles at key entry points of the hotel. These sleek, automated devices ensure that only authorized individuals gain access, enhancing security while expediting the entry process.

Vehicular Entrance Control – Boom and Spike Barriers

Recognizing the importance of securing the premise, RIANA Group strategically placed boom and spike barriers to regulate vehicular access. This proved particularly vital during high-security situations.

Walk-Through Detectors and Baggage Scanners

To ensure no potential threats entered undetected, RIANA Group installed walk-through detectors and baggage scanners at key entry points. These devices bolstered security screening without inconveniencing guests.

Impact By the Numbers

  • An average of 50 guests on a daily can now enjoy their stays daily at the Dusit Princess with peace of mind, knowing they are in a safe environment.

What The Client Had To Say

“I would like to express my appreciation to RIANA Group for the exceptional work they have done at Dusit Princess Nairobi. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any organization seeking modern security systems, as they are the best.” – Stanly Nzioka, Engineer at Dusit Princess

Conclusion: Setting a New Standard in Hospitality Security

RIANA Group’s intervention at Dusit Princess Nairobi serves as a compelling testament to the transformative potential of proactive security solutions. By embracing advanced technologies and anticipating the ever-evolving security landscape, the hotel has not only fortified its guests’ safety but also elevated the overall guest experience to unprecedented heights. It’s a narrative of security, innovation, and excellence that sets a new standard in the realm of hospitality security.

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