User-centric pedestrian entrance control solutions for modern establishments

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Every modern facility manager’s dream is an entrance control solution that perches comfortably at the crossroad of impeccable security and sleek user-friendliness. From reducing user hesitation to preventing queues and facilitating seamless flow of pedestrians, an unobtrusive and user-centric entrance control solution does more than just secure your premise.

Given the myriad of options in the market today, cherry-picking a safe user-centric entrance control solution is no cakewalk. So we did all the donkey work for you and highlighted the standout features that make our offerings user friendly.


Speedstiles are elegant, aesthetically pleasing yet sophisticated pedestrian entrance control solutions ideal for regulating pedestrian flow in commercial establishments. They easily integrate access control technologies such as card readers, biometric readers, and much more to improve the overall efficiency of the entrance protocol.

Their trademark clear glass design allows for natural light while dramatically reducing the perceived barrier effect. By combining the security of a physical barrier with the sophistication of optical detection, speedstiles facilitate the smooth flow of pedestrians while preventing tailgating and unauthorized entry.

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors’ hands-free, noise-free and effortless access work like magic. They have an array of motion sensors that detect oncoming personnel and automatically activate a gear motor that slides the door open. When no motion is detected in the activation area, the door will effortlessly close after a designated period of time.

The toughened tempered glass gives sliding doors industry-leading safety standards. Unlike standard glass, the tempered glass breaks into small, blunt and harmless pieces ensuring pedestrians’ safety.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are a highly aesthetic entry solution for high-end commercial establishments that value visual appearances just as much as security. They comprise three or four automatic glass ‘wings’ and a central vertical shaft that guides traffic flow into the premises.

Automatic power assist helps pedestrians to move heavy doors. They employ a low energy motor that does all the heavy lifting, relieving pedestrians of most of the effort needed to move the door. Revolving doors also come fitted with a speed regulator to eliminate accidents synonymous with very fast rotation speeds.


Their characteristic broad arms and wide access make Mswings an ideal solution for visitors with baggage, those delivering materials, and disabled access. Mswings easily integrate with third party access control solutions to further streamline the entry and exit process. Their configurable fast opening and closing speeds are a solid addition to their already impressive user-friendliness.


Tripods’ sturdy and rugged design makes them a go-to solution for premises with high traffic. They can withstand the abuse of mass transit while still being user friendly. The waist-high solution is purposely designed to impose one way/two-way traffic while restricting the passage to a single person at a time. They come standard with a traffic indication LED pictogram; A green arrow indicates the direction of entry, while a red indicator indicates no entry. This is especially useful in monodirectional applications.

Full height turnstile

Full height turnstiles are ceiling high, and autonomous barriers that offer rugged yet advanced entry control. Specially designed to efficiently and seamlessly allow for high volume throughput, turnstiles are ideal for high-traffic areas such as train stations and schools.

Depending on preference, USS can throw in optional padded sleeves to emphasize safety. Padded safety sleeves are perfect for your turnstiles, simply putting them over your turnstile arms enhances usability, prevents injuries, and insulates turnstile arms from extreme temperature.


Entrance control solutions interaction with pedestrians and their ability to integrate and user-friendliness are essential considerations when looking to secure your premise. USS has equipped some of the most prestigious buildings in Africa with entrance control solutions that are durable, safe, aesthetically pleasing and deliver positive pedestrian experiences. We complement our industry-leading hardware and software with a professional consultancy that ensures you adopt the best solution for your use case.

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