Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are commonly used to control vehicular access to a facility. The gates can also be used in internal areas to separate employee parking areas from public parking areas. Our offers with regards to automatic gates include slide gate and swing gate. We also automate existing gates to operate as automatic gates.

Auto-reverse function

The automatic gates come standard with this feature. The gate will automatically stop, and reverse should it detect an obstacle such as a vehicle.

Rubber safety edges

This is a useful safety feature that prevents damage to vehicles or injuries to pedestrians.

Manual override switch

It is important that you have a quick and efficient disengagement latch in case of emergency or power failure.

Strong motors

Many automatic gate providers try to cut corners by using weak motors. Our motors are thoughtfully engineered to offer optimum performance for years.

Silent operation

The gate hinges are designed to offer frictionless, smooth and noise-free operation.


Automation is important for the extra convenience and safety that it offers. Integrate the system with our other access control solutions for a remote and hands-free opening and closing.

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