Spike Barriers

This vehicular security barrier is appropriate for high-risk areas that need extra-tough security measures. They incorporate traffic lights to notify vehicles when it is time to proceed. The compact design allows for maximum security.

Spike length

The spikes are 180mm in height from the ground ensuring maximum security for the establishment.

Recess Installation

Installation is done in the ground to avoid a bump and it also means the overall installation is sturdy and long lasting for a smooth drive.

Suitable for all weather conditions

Given the placement requirements of spike barriers, it is important to ensure that all the components are watertight and waterproof, and our solution delivers just that.

Easy maintenance

The modular design of our spike barriers means that all moving parts are removable for easy maintenance, saving you time and money.

Simple fitting process

Thanks to the modular design, all components are easily transported and installed with ease.

Robust design

Our solution is designed to handle vehicles of all sizes at very high speeds with a strong motor and excellent build quality.

Unmatched reliability

Our solution features a high torque reliable motor that makes it suitable for long-term intensive usage.

High visibility

The spikes are brightly colored to increase pedestrian and motorist safety.

Highly customizable

We offer different visual options and adjustable speeds to suit various requirements..

Seamless integration

We can help you integrate your solution with other entrance control solutions such as bollards, boom barriers, sensors etc., for bolstered safety.

All-weather construction

The spikes have all-weather construction and anti-corrosion coating.

High-speed operations

The high-speed motor ensures fast and reliable operation suitable for high traffic areas.

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