How multi-site companies can benefit from centralized access control systems

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Working with confidential information or expensive equipment comes with the need to protect your assets. Protecting these assets can be challenging, especially for large organizations with multiple branches across different locations, thus the need for a centralized access control system.

Access control systems save you money, make life easier for your employees, and keep your workplace secure. So you might ask, how does it achieve this, and what does your organization stand to gain from a centralized access control solution?

No need to re-key

If someone loses their access cards or an employee leaves their job, the premise does not have to go through the unreasonable process of changing every single lock. The card’s access is simply removed from the database from a centralized location.

Likewise, if one needs access to a new location they did not have access to earlier, the operator easily grants them the relevant access. Centralization of access eliminates the need to keep issuing keys or changing locks every time.

Centralize Your Security

Say goodbye to tediously granting and revoking access on a case by case basis. A centralized system means that every user data is stored in a central server, making it easier for users to access all the multi-branch data with a single click.

With centralized access management, granting such rights for specific branches happens at one remote place and is effected appropriately. In case of any mishap, the admin can see where every user was at what time and for how long.

Prevent Security Breaches

One major upside of a centralized access control system is managing user access by setting privilege levels and revocations when necessary. Organizations can further pair these access rights with cards or biometrics for a more reinforced security.

Advanced centralized access control solutions have beneficial features such as notification of access. Such features notify the operator when unauthorized individuals attempt to enter the premises.

Integration with third-party solutions

One huge advantage of a centralized access control system is its seamless integration with other security solutions such as fire alarms, video surveillance, smart parking and much more. Implementing this integration means creating a comprehensive system controlled from a central location. Seamless integration as done by USS further strengthens the security and safety of the buildings.

Manage Employees

As is already obvious, not every employee has the same level of access to all sections or areas of the premises. A centralized solution makes it easier to grant access only when relevant without employees having to walk around with multiple keys/cards as in a decentralized system. Centralization also allows for easy traceability of which employee has been where and at what time.


The system provides real-time updates on the levels of access each user has at any given time and reports generation tools for departments, branches, and the entire organization. As a result, the management can conduct thorough audits in little time. Reports equip the organization with useful performative insights to compare the performance of different branches and form relevant policies.


The benefits of a centralized locking solution are too immense and numerous to be disregarded by any multi-branch organization that cares about protecting its assets. Luckily, USS integrated security solution offers all these benefits and much more at the best value. Talk to an expert today and stay ahead of the curve.

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