Perimeter Detection System

The perimeter detection system is a solution that detects the presence of intruders attempting to breach the physical perimeter of a property, building, or other secured areas. It is an early warning system that uses fence-mounted sensors and adaptive self-learning algorithms with high recognition levels of diverse threats.

The system works with most fence types, and they enhance the security value of fences by detecting attempts to cut, climb or otherwise break through. Sensors with ranging capabilities can pinpoint the exact location of the intrusion and detect multiple simultaneous Intrusions.

At USS, we have a vast range of innovative intrusion technologies to match various security needs. Whether you need solutions for commercial buildings, farms, or even residential establishments, we have the right solutions to meet your security needs.

Long-range and multi-zone detection

We offer a high level of protection with an underground and overground intruder detection system capable of covering vast areas. Adjustable detection angles make it flexible for effective outdoor monitoring.

Versatile installation

Depending on needs, we can install perimeter detection systems either sectionally or as continuous perimeter hubs. The system is also scalable and can integrate with other systems such as surveillance cameras, security lights, and alarm systems.

Reliable detection in harsh environments

Thanks to their rugged and robust design, our sensors can withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, fog and wind.

Easy installation

The solution is flexible and easy to install, customize and maintain.


Customers can create multiple detection zones with configurable sensitivity, size and output using just one sensor.

Intelligent high-resolution detection

Using analytics, the perimeter detection system can analyze the size, speed and distance of moving objects, thus giving accurate object/intruder position.

Audible alarm indicator to deter intruders

Having a functioning alarm system gives you an edge over intruders and peace of mind. Quickly get notified in case of intrusion and deter burglars before they can access the property.

Immune to false alarm

Our highly calibrated intelligent sensors can distinguish real threats from false alarms. It is less prone to false alarm triggers such as wind, birds, dogs, cars passing by and more.

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