The Mswing swing door regulates authorized access by staff. Its broad barrier elements make it suitable for visitors with baggage, those delivering materials, and disabled access. Thanks to the built-in proximity-reader pillar,operators can also provide passage using proximity-reading devices.

Wide passage

Mswing entrance control solution is great for facilities that require wide access, thanks to its broad barriers. They are ideal for mobility-impaired users and quick emergency evacuation.

Long-life performance

Our solution guarantees high operation dependability and efficiency.

Automatic reset function

The wing arms can be programmed to lock automatically after set time should the pedestrian delay entry.

LED indicator

The solution features LED indicators to guide passers, I.e., red to mean no entry and green to mean entry.

Infrared sensor alarm

Programmable sensor alarms come installed with the Mswing for alerts in cases of unauthorized and reverse intrusions.

Fast open and close speed

The Mswing offers industry-leading opening and closing speeds for a seamless flow of traffic. The speeds can be adjusted depending on the needs.

Durable design

The brushed stainless-steel cabinet and durable glass arm give the Mswing unmatched durability.


We offer integration with most third-party access control solutions such as card readers and biometric devices.

Equipped for emergency evacuations

In case of an emergency evacuation, an arm opening feature is automatically triggered for efficiency.

Anti-bumping feature

The motor will automatically turn back to its original state if the swing arms meet resistance during operation.

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