Smart Door Locks

Our range of smart locks enables businesses to control access points with key tags, keypads, and even handheld devices. They are designed to lock and unlock doors by receiving commands from unauthorized devices using wireless technology or a keypad. The solution automates access protocols and enables users to receive alerts of the events of the door from their smartphones.


Our solution features industry-leading performance that enhances the user experience while providing fast and accurate unlocking.


The smart door locks are highly flexible, with multiple installation options for different needs and environments. The I/O ports are easily expandable for easy scalability.

True environment adaptability

The system is easily adaptable to harsh outdoor Installation thanks to its dust, heat, and water resistance capabilities

Large device memory

It does not matter the number of staff or visitors in your facility; it is almost impossible to run out of memory with our smart door locks.

Easy Installation and operation

Smart door locks systems are extremely easy to install and operate.

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