Automatic Sliding Doors

The automatic sliding door is ideal for busy areas. It has an automated operation that eliminates the need to touch the door handle for opening and closing. Additionally, the automated system provides hands-free convenience and accessibility.


The frames, tempered glass and other structural components are built for maximum strength. The doors are able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Silent operation

The sliding door gives you noise-free and effortless automatic or manual access.

Dimensional Flexibility

A sliding door can be customized to be as high and as wide as per the site conditions.

Unmatched Aesthetics

We offer sliding doors in varying configurations to suit your properties’ aesthetics.

Enhanced Safety

The toughened glass makes our sliding doors a lot stronger and more durable. The glass, unlike standard glass, is also designed to break into small blunt harmless pieces for your safety in case of such occurrence.

Minimal maintenance

The doors can maintain their performance and appearance for a long time with minimal maintenance.

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