Facial Recognition Access Control Systems

This type of access control uses facial features to provide access credentials in a contactless manner. Instead of cards or fingerprints, the system uses intelligent sensors to authorize entry. A user needs to look at the reader, which runs recognition algorithms to identify the person and then sends a signal to unlock the door.

High Accuracy

The accuracy of our facial recognition technology is not frazzled by facial changes such as a tilted head, change of hairstyle, masks or even a pair of glasses.

Touchless Access to Doors

Say goodbye to fumbling with keys, cards or phones with touchless access control. Our hands-free solution prevents the spread of communicable diseases such as Covid-19.

Data Security

Our platform and access control devices meet all the data protection requirements. The data is encrypted, and the encryption key is safely managed with access routes securely blocked.


Our solution uses the latest anti-fraud spoofing technology to prevent attempts to use lookalikes or photos successfully. The software checks the 3D depth of the face and checks against its database.

Easy deployment

Our plug-and-play Facial recognition solutions are compatible with most access control devices for easier and faster deployment.

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