Boom Barriers

This traffic barrier meets a wide range of traffic access and parking solutions. It is a cost-effective solution that offers excellent performance and is ideal for regulating traffic and segregating tenants and visitors parking at a premise.


Our boom barriers are more than just hardware; they can easily be integrated with other access systems to form an intelligent, automated solution.

Quick & smooth movement

Our advanced motor technology delivers a quick and smooth barrier arm movement especially useful in high-volume traffic areas.

Works during power failure

In case of power outage or failure, the manual, quick release mechanism comes in handy.

Durable body

Our boom barriers are designed for long-term use with a sturdy and durable body that guarantees long-term reliability.

The folding arm option

We offer optional articulated arms for areas with restricted height clearance, such as indoor parking lots.


Different openings have different requirements, and that is why we offer you variable lengths ranging from 3 meters to 6 meters for your selection.

Unmatched reliability

Our motors are thoughtfully designed to deliver long-time reliability even in heavy traffic scenarios.

Water and corrosion resistant

Most boom barriers are placed outside, so their reliability is highly important. Our barriers are made of corrosive free weather-resistant material.

Elegant design

Add to the aesthetics of your entrance with our elegant and attractive solution.

Hands Free operation

Our boom barriers can be seamlessly integrated with Ultra High Frequency – UHF readers to enable a fully autonomous and hands free operation

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