Quick Folding Gate

The Quick Folding Gate is a trackless bi-hinged gate to keep entrances secured after every exit or entry. It is fast, sturdy, reliable, and requires little maintenance due to the trackless design. The gate is suitable for intensive and continuous use.

Extremely high speed

Plug and play installation thanks to pre-assembled units.


These gates can be fully integrated with access control solutions such as license plate readers, Ultra High Frequency – UHF readers, biometric readers, and more. Combining the gate with a full height turnstile creates a vehicle access point with pedestrian separation.

Durable design

We guarantee you a long lifespan of intensive usage through solid construction and robust hinges.


The gates come in variable sizes, designs, and colors to suit different requirements.


At USS, we take safety very seriously, which is why we ensure that our folding gates meet numerous safety standards. We integrate traffic and warning lights and loop detecting sensors for all our gates.

High Reliability

Reliability and flawless operations are guaranteed with an integrated hinge lubrication system.

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