Security Bollards single out an organization as one that takes the security of its people seriously. They are appropriate for preventing ram-raiding and car-ramming attacks. Their designs are aesthetically pleasing, and there is a wide selection for different applications ranging from K4 all through to K12.


We offer you a wide range of customization options such as colors, raising speeds, varying thickness, and other configurations to suit the site’s condition.

Improved visibility

We provide multiple visibility options; a top embedded crown of bright LED warning lights, traffic lights or a highly reflective film. We can also incorporate multiple solutions together should the environment demand so.

Robust construction

Our bollards achieve robustness with durable and anti-corrosive materials.

Adjustable rising / lowering speed

The rising and lowering speeds of our bollards can be adjusted to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and motorists.

Weather resistant

Our bollards are specially designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Silent operations

Despite having motorized components, our bollards movement is incredibly silent, smooth and quick.

Outstanding crush testing

Our bollards are thoroughly crash-tested in accordance with regulatory standards.

Easy maintenance

No need to remove the entire bollard during maintenance because the hydraulic system is detachable.

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