Fire Detections System

The safety of people and property in a commercial, hospitality facility or residential establishment is of critical importance. Over the years, fire alarm systems have become increasingly necessary as a preventive measure against fire incidents. The solution comprises alarm initiating devices, alarm notification appliances, and fire control units. The fire alarm system can be set off manually or automatically by smoke detectors and or heat detectors that use sensors to detect the hazard.

The sensors are programmed to identify certain levels of heat or smoke that could indicate a fire. In case of a fire, the system will trigger an alarm to notify occupants and emergency services of the impending danger.

At USS, we provide high-quality, secure fire alarm systems that maximize the safety of occupants in an establishment. We offer consultation and installation of fire detection and alarm solutions that meet a wide range of requirements and needs.

Non-volatile memory

Non-volatile memory allows you to store and archive important information on all incidents. This data is useful when carrying out investigations or identifying loopholes.

Security system integration

The fire alarm system may operate independently or integrate other systems such as, access control systems, surveillance systems and much more for maximum functionality.

Reliability and speed

Fire detection needs to be quick and accurate to minimize damage and prevent loss of lives. Early detection means fast response time by relevant authorities.

Immune to False alarms

False fire alarms unnecessarily interrupt business activities, overwhelm fire response services and desensitize people. At USS, we provide reliable fire detection that you can be confident in.

High aesthetics

Our fire detection devices are beautifully designed and crafted without compromising performance and compliance. The beautiful design coupled with the absence of visible wires ensures it does not get in the way of your architectural design.

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