Video Intercom System

Video Intercom System is a technology used to manage communication between people inside a premise and people outside. The system is commonly used in residential complexes, villas, bungalows, workplaces and serviced apartments.

At the heart of this solution is a lobby station which is used to transmit audio and video of the visitors at the entrance and relay the same information on an indoor unit, letting residents see and speak to guests before letting them in. Thanks to today’s mobile-centered world, the solution gives users a range of benefits, from having connected devices at the building entrance no matter where they are to enabling access to visitors and guests remotely through the mobile app. The indoor unit also ensures that residents can monitor common areas with relative ease without the need to physically move to those areas.

At USS, we integrate the video intercom solution to building elevators to enable elevator summoning, thanks to our in-house development team. This feature ensures that access for non-residents is limited to designated areas only within the building. Whether you are searching for a stand-alone video intercom system or one to integrate into an existing network, then your search is over. Our Team at USS will help you find a perfect solution to suit your unique requirements.

Video Calling

Video calling is necessary for visually verifying who is at the entrance. Our intercom systems offer both one-way and two-way video capabilities.


Get to see a preview video of who is at the door before answering the call. It is important to identify the visitor upfront for privacy and security reasons.

Push Notifications

Even when the host is temporarily unavailable, The intercom system can send visitor notifications to smartphones, ensuring that they never miss a guest.

Remote Door Unlocking

Remotely unlock your door from anywhere without face-to-face interaction. Remote unlocking is especially useful in managing service providers like vendors, delivery personnel, janitors and more.

Door Release Logs

Record keeping is crucial in keeping your premises safe and protected. The system captures and stores all visitor data for retrieval when necessary.

Electronic directory

Selecting your destination is much easier with an electronic directory; simply navigate through user names in alphabetical order and make a quick selection.

Elevator Summoning

Residents can summon the lift on an indoor monitor in advance. The elevator will reach the designated floor automatically, which saves the waiting time.


The ability to integrate with other third-party systems such as lifts, access control systems, smart cameras, amongst others, makes our solution fit for purpose. It guarantees the flexibility to suit.

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