Centralised Access Control System

Access control systems have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, providing a reliable means to regulate access while ensuring security, convenience, and flexibility. The adoption of access control systems in Kenya has been instrumental in enhancing safety measures across various sectors, including residential complexes, commercial establishments, and government institutions.

With the increasing demand for robust security solutions, access control systems have evolved to cater to diverse needs effectively. Whether it is managing entry points, monitoring personnel movements, or securing sensitive areas, these systems offer a comprehensive approach to access management.

Our extensive portfolio encompasses innovative technologies tailored to address the unique challenges faced in the Kenyan context. By offering a blend of innovation and reliability, we empower businesses and individuals alike to manage access seamlessly, contributing to a safer and more secure environment.

Card Only

This solution utilizes a card as a key to gain access through the doors secured by an access control system. Each access card is uniquely encoded and can double up as a staff identification badge as well.

Fingerprint plus card access control system

Fingerprint plus card-based access control is a biometric technology used to grant access credentials to users via either card and or biomterics. The device provides added flexibility in system design featuring multi-card support. The fingerprint system can work as a stand-alone or in combination with the card to provide multi-level authentication.

Facial Recognition Access Control Systems

This type of access control uses facial features to provide access credentials in a contactless manner. Instead of cards or fingerprints, the system uses intelligent sensors to authorize entry. A user needs to look at the reader, which runs recognition algorithms to identify the person and then sends a signal to unlock the door.

Mobile / App Based Access Control

With the wide acceptance of mobile technology in different spheres of life, access control is one such area that has benefited from this technology. The technology utilizes mobile devices such as phones, tablets, or wearables to function as users’ credentials to access controlled areas. This innovation significantly improves user convenience in today’s mobile-first world.

Smart Door Locks

Our range of smart locks enables businesses to control access points with key tags, keypads, and even handheld devices. They are designed to lock and unlock doors by receiving commands from unauthorized devices using wireless technology or a keypad. The solution automates access protocols and enables users to receive alerts of the events of the door from their smartphones.

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