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Today’s business environment is replete with a range of communication systems. Our offering includes an IP Telephone system that provides user-friendly, full-featured IP phones to meet the needs of an entire organization.

IP telephones use an internet connection to send and receive voice data, unlike regular phones that use landlines to transmit analog signals. Powerful features like one-touch dialing and directory integration make every call a snap. The solution supports multiple devices on a single number and brings together voice, video, and messaging.

We also provide a full range of hospitality IP phones that integrate with existing facility networks and offer top-class call quality and extensive features and controls.

There is a full spectrum of advanced options for your team in every location and for every role. We empower your business with a new collaboration experience that connects the right people with the right information at the right time.

Enhanced user experience

Speed dialing using pre-assigned short sequence of numbers and inbuilt directories simplify the process of making a call. There is no need to memorize lengthy digits.

Low running costs

IP phones consume minimal energy thanks to their Power -over-Ethernet design and smart sleep features. IP phones also centralize control by unifying data, voice and video, significantly reducing running costs.


Our IP phones are highly customizable for different habits and needs, from key programming to personalized ringtones and callback.

High definition audio

Our IP phones solution has Industry-leading high-quality audio capabilities paired with full-duplex speakers.


Our solution allows seamless integration with CRM tools and other relevant systems to simplify daily activities, save time and reduce cost.

Unlimited Calls

Over the Internet phones do not have the traditional per-minute charge for calls. They transmit voice and video over the already existing internet infrastructure.

3-Way Calling

This feature allows users to set up a conference call with more than one person at a time. 3-way calling enhances efficiency and strengthens collaboration.

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