Intelligent Key and Asset Management System

Our intelligent key & asset management solution allows organizations to protect keys better while improving efficiency and reducing losses. Beyond simply controlling access to physical keys and assets, the solution enables organizations to safely store keys, equipment, and other valuable items while giving full control to security administrators.

An integrated solution, the Key and Asset Management System facilitates businesses to increase operational efficiency, maximize utilization, and enforce security and safety protocols. Its ultimate value is closely linked to the ability to integrate with third-party systems, easing the burden of administration and presenting unique opportunities for controlling critical processes

Powerful Integration

The system is easily integrated with other systems such as human resources solutions, and access control systems, for efficient administration of keys and assets.

Detailed Reports

Effectively monitor activity and generate detailed reports such as date and time of key retrieval and return, user patterns and much more. The transaction is automatically recorded in the reporting system every time a key is borrowed or returned.

Manual override in case of emergency

Your key locker comes with manual override keys for emergency scenarios.

Multiple identification methods

User identification methods include PIN, proximity reader and biometrics.

Alarms and notifications

Set custom alarms for different scenarios, such as when a key is not returned within a specified period or unauthorized access.


As your business or facility grows, the modular design allows for intelligent keys and asset management system scalability to adapt to your new needs.

Simple and Intuitive

The user-friendly software allows you to allocate keys and resources to specific users easily.

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