Entrance Control

While often overlooked, the entrance to a premise is one of the most critical spaces. Aesthetics and security are particularly important in applications especially in commercial establishments. Monitoring and controlling who can enter and access a facility is a foundational element of physical security that deserves serious consideration.

Depending on preference and choice, the entrance security infrastructure can blend into the building décor while also providing a high level of prestige, security, and safety. Our solutions effectively regulate pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These systems enable smooth operation with uncompromised security and are ideal to cater for heavy traffic.

Pedestrian Entrance Control Systems

Pedestrian entrance control systems monitor and regulate physical access to personnel and individuals while helping in optimizing and managing the flow of pedestrians to ensure safety and security in an establishment. USS offers a wide range of entrance control solutions to fit different requirements.

Vehicular Entrance Control Systems

Vehicular entrance control systems automatically manage the opening of barriers for incoming cars or trucks. There are two major ways to identify a vehicle namely: reading the license plate by a camera plus license plate recognition software or reading RFID tags attached to, or inside of, the vehicle by long-range readers.

All vehicle movements are stored to a database ensuring full transparency on the vehicles present on your premises now or at any given point in time. They are a key part of the overall security strategy for organizations

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