Vehicular Entrance Control Systems

Vehicular entrance control systems automatically manage the opening of barriers for incoming cars or trucks. There are two major ways to identify a vehicle namely: reading the license plate by a camera plus license plate recognition software or reading RFID tags attached to, or inside of, the vehicle by long-range readers.

All vehicle movements are stored to a database ensuring full transparency on the vehicles present on your premises now or at any given point in time. They are a key part of the overall security strategy for organizations


Security Bollards single out an organization as one that takes the security of its people seriously. They are appropriate for preventing ram-raiding and car-ramming attacks. Their designs are aesthetically pleasing, and there is a wide selection for different applications ranging from K4 all through to K12.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are commonly used to control vehicular access to a facility. The gates can also be used in internal areas to separate employee parking areas from public parking areas. Our offers with regards to automatic gates include slide gate and swing gate. We also automate existing gates to operate as automatic gates.

Quick Folding Gate

The Quick Folding Gate is a trackless bi-hinged gate to keep entrances secured after every exit or entry. It is fast, sturdy, reliable, and requires little maintenance due to the trackless design. The gate is suitable for intensive and continuous use.

Spike Barriers

This vehicular security barrier is appropriate for high-risk areas that need extra-tough security measures. They incorporate traffic lights to notify vehicles when it is time to proceed. The compact design allows for maximum security.

Boom Barriers

This traffic barrier meets a wide range of traffic access and parking solutions. It is a cost-effective solution that offers excellent performance and is ideal for regulating traffic and segregating tenants and visitors parking at a premise.

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