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At USS, we provide hospitality solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage to enhance guests’ overall experience in hotels and resorts. This solution offers an easy way to ensure that hotel management can communicate with guests in a modern, more efficient way. Hotels can display personalized welcome messages, showcase various services and amenities, deliver room service, and much more.

Our hospitality TVs integrate into different types of infrastructure and can be used as stand-alone or as part of a networked system. This Interactive platform allows guests to watch live sports, stream movies on demand, check the weather conditions and more. With digital signage, hotels can showcase targeted content, display weather status, flights schedules and much more  with relative ease.

Whether you are looking for a basic Hotel TV solution, or the smart and technologically- advanced Hotel TV solutions, USS is here to help you out!


Hospitality TVs offer several configuration settings that enable them to support the large number of content required in the hospitality industry. The hotel management can control the settings of several televisions without having to apply the settings individually.

Elegant design

Update, edit and create custom content on multiple TVs from a central location without physically visiting a guest’s room.

Remote management

Our platform and access control devices meet all the data protection requirements. The data is encrypted, and the encryption key is safely managed with access routes securely blocked.

Personalized menu options

Enhance the guest experience and communicate your brand with customized menus and screens. Include welcome messages, important announcements, and much more for a more interactive display experience.

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