Pedestrian Entrance Control Systems

Pedestrian entrance control systems monitor and regulate physical access to personnel and individuals while helping in optimizing and managing the flow of pedestrians to ensure safety and security in an establishment. USS offers a wide range of entrance control solutions to fit different requirements.


These are elegant and sophisticated pedestrian entrance control solutions designed with cutting-edge technology. They are ideal for regulating the flow of people in public or commercial establishments. The speedstiles can integrate access control technologies such as card readers, biometric readers, face IDs, and mobile applications to improve the overall efficiency of the entrance protocol.


The tripod pedestrian entrance system is the go-to solution for premises with high traffic, thanks to its sturdy and rugged design. The system is structured to impose one-way and or two-way traffic and restrict the passage to one person at a time. With its durability factor, the tripod turnstile can serve the purpose of regulating efficient flow of pedestrians in a premise over a long time.

Automatic Sliding Doors

The automatic sliding door is ideal for busy areas. It has an automated operation that eliminates the need to touch the door handle for opening and closing. Additionally, the automated system provides hands-free convenience and accessibility.

Revolving Doors

The revolving door is perfect in areas such as hotels and high-end commercial establishments where visual appearance is just as important as performance. They consist of three or four leaves (wings) centered on a central pivoting shaft with a vertical axis to guide traffic flow into a premise. Revolving doors are automatically operated to provide convenience.

Full Height Turnstiles

This high-security turnstile with rotating barriers enables maximum control over a premises’ entry and exit. Depending on specific requirements, they provide one-way or bi-directional passage and are well suited for exterior use. Various designs and finishes are available depending on usage and preference.


The Mswing swing door regulates authorized access by staff. Its broad barrier elements make it suitable for visitors with baggage, those delivering materials, and disabled access. Thanks to the built-in proximity-reader pillar,operators can also provide passage using proximity-reading devices.

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