Modern Vehicular Entrance Control Solutions

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Security threats have proven to be a powerful force for galvanizing changes to commercial and residential building entrance setups. At first, the solutions were simple, labour intensive and highly ineffective. But in the fullness of time, robust, highly automatic and more elegant solutions have taken their place, thanks to the growing pace of technology. Real estate developers and building managers are taking an interest in this futuristic approach to a safe society.

Whilst many businesses are enjoying increased safety, many executives still find it difficult to choose the right security solution for their needs. Failing to understand the benefits of each option can lead to making the wrong decision, which could potentially negate the purpose of implementing a security solution in the first place. Toss and turn in your sleep no more, we’ve done the breakdown for you. Keep reading to understand the different vehicle access control solutions and their merits.


Previously frowned upon as an invasive piece of architecture, when incorporated purposefully, bollards are known to stand out not only as protection but aesthetically as well. Modern bollards come in a wide variety of operating configurations and aesthetic designs to best suit individual needs, they can be deployed as fixed, removable, or retractable forms.

Retractable bollards are specially designed with robust quality to withstand high impact and harsh weather conditions. Their electro-mechanical movement is a highly dependable technology and can works effectively even in stressful weather conditions. They are created to withstand high car traffic, thus securing parking spots economically and swiftly in only a few seconds.

Bollards can be used in conjunction with access control systems or can be remotely controlled using switches from the security post of a facility. In automatic operations, the bollard operations can be activated using proximity cards, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and audio intercoms. Some bollards can also be outfitted with induction loops and traffic signals for increased safety.

Spike Barriers

Spike barriers are a versatile and cost-effective method of controlling vehicle access to restricted areas. They are typically made up of a series of steel spikes housed in an underground trough, which is mechanically linked to an automatic barrier. Spike barriers are available in multiple configurations making them suited for most applications. They can be surface-mounted or recessed into concrete for a flush finish with the surface-mounted spikes also acting as speed bumps.

In application, the entry point is doubly protected against traffic by the spike and boom barriers, When closed, the tyre spikes are automatically raised to disable any vehicles that attempt to ram the barrier. Conversely, when the barrier is raised, the spikes retract into the trough, allowing authorized traffic to pass. Because of their robust and heavy-duty nature, Spike barriers are ideal for high-security areas such as airports, embassies, bank depots, warehouses and military establishments.

Boom Barriers

Boom barriers are reliable security tools for larger establishments where there is heavy vehicle traffic and high-level security is a priority. Their superb operability and maintenance are the key reasons why organizations, including commercial, industrial and residential areas, have chosen boom barriers. They have completely obliterated the need for many security personnel to regulate vehicular access to an establishment. As they become increasingly in demand, boom barriers are seeing an improvement in durability and reliability. Maintenance costs are also low, as modern boom barriers come with waterproof, automatic and anti-crush features.

With the digitization and automation of traffic control, automatic boom barriers have replaced traditional manually operated ones making them even more efficient and secure. Many facilities opt to use automated boom barriers in integration with either Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) or license plate recognition (LPR) to achieve more secure and efficient vehicle management at exit and entry points.

Automatic Gates

Today, the cost of sliding gate hardware and automated gate systems is within reach, so it’s a good investment to have. Installing an automatic gate is especially a great idea if you have restricted parking areas, sloping driveways or a corrosive environment. These gates not only add value to your property, they also add to the security and act as a decorative feature

To secure your property, you can consider sliding or swing gates, as the perfect solution for your facility. Our automatic gates are custom-designed to fit your needs; they are beautifully welded and assembled, and our support services will give you peace of mind for years to come. They can easily be integrated with access control systems of your choice to make sure that your security is top notch.


Advancement in technology has given rise to various new ways to reinvent your security system by giving your entrance solution a makeover. We understand that the Safety, security, and privacy of tenants are of utmost importance to any property manager and USS is here to help. Our team of professionals have years of experience and extensive industry knowledge that will take your security to the next level. We will offer bespoke services that are tailored to your requirements while using only high-quality materials to complete your project. Get in touch today and let us help you make your property a safer place.

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