Prism Towers: A Story of Integrated Security and Grandeur Design

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This case study chronicles RIANA Group’s successful implementation of a comprehensive security solution at Prism Towers, Nairobi – a landmark project undertaken during our early years. Despite being a relatively young company at the time, our team of experts rose to the challenge, exceeding the client’s expectations and setting a benchmark for future endeavors. 

A Client with a Vision

Completed in August 2018, Prism Towers is a beacon of modern architecture in Nairobi’s Upperhill district. Its unique design, resembling stacked prisms, demanded a security system that mirrored its sophistication. The client sought a solution that would provide unparalleled security without compromising the building’s aesthetics. Recognizing RIANA Group’s proven track record in similar high-profile projects, Prism entrusted us, through our electronic security and safety subsidiary – Unified Security Solutions (USS), with the task of bringing their vision to life. 

Challenges and Considerations

One of the primary challenges we faced was integrating a robust security system into the building’s unique design. Traditional security solutions, with bulky equipment and visible cabling, could have detracted from the building’s aesthetics. Our team needed to find a way to ensure seamless integration without compromising functionality.  

Another consideration was user experience. The client desired a system that was not only secure but also user-friendly for tenants, visitors, and staff. The solution needed to be intuitive and efficient, minimizing wait times and frustrations. 

The Solution

Our solution went beyond traditional security measures. We implemented a layered approach, seamlessly integrating the following: 

SecuViz Visitor Management System: This cloud-based system streamlined the visitor registration process. With pre-registration and quick check-ins, the digital visitor management system eliminated queues and paperwork at the entrance. SecuViz also facilitated ID card verification and blacklisting options, ensuring only authorized individuals gained access to the building. 

Pedestrian Entrance Control – Turnstiles: Integrated seamlessly with the SecuViz system, these turnstiles ensure that only authorized individuals with valid credentials (physical access cards configured through SecuViz) gain access. They function as a physical barrier, deterring unauthorized entry and adding an extra layer of security. The turnstiles are also designed to complement the building’s aesthetics, featuring sleek finishes and discreet integration. 

Smart Surveillance: A strategically deployed network of high-definition security cameras with advanced features keeps a watchful eye over the premises. This allows for real-time monitoring and provides invaluable video evidence in case of security incidents. 

A Collaboration that Yields Success

Through the combined efforts of our SecuViz and USS Subsidiaries, Prism Towers now boasts a security system that surpasses expectations. The integrated solutions – encompassing SecuViz Visitor Management System, turnstiles and smart surveillance – create a secure and welcoming environment for all at the Prism. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits achieved:  

Enhanced Security: The layered approach significantly improved the overall security posture of the building. Unauthorized access was effectively deterred, and security incidents can be quickly identified and addressed. 

Improved User Experience: The SecuViz VMS system streamlined the visitor registration process, reducing wait times and enhanced visitor experience. The entrance control system also ensured smooth movement into the building for authorized personnel. 

Aesthetic Integration: The security system was designed to seamlessly blend with the building’s aesthetics. Discreet equipment placement and sleek finishes ensured that security did not come at the cost of visual appeal. 

Scalability and Futureproofing: The cloud-based SecuViz system allowed for easy scaling as the visitor and tenant population in the building grew. Additionally, the modular design of the solution allowed for future integration of additional security features as needed. 


The Prism Towers project exemplifies RIANA Group’s commitment to delivering innovative and client-centric security solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology with a keen eye for design integration, we were able to create a secure environment that empowers businesses to thrive. 


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