RIANA Group Partners With The Social House Nairobi: Where Luxury Meets Security Bliss

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Client Profile 

The Social House in Nairobi, Kenya, has carved out a unique niche for itself. With 83 rooms,6 event spaces, and 4 restaurants, this living space offers an unconventional experience that beckons discerning travelers with a promise of an extraordinary stay. But what truly sets The Social House apart is its unwavering commitment to safety and security, achieved through partnership with Riana Group. 

The Challenge: Mastering Security in Style 

When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of guests and staff, The Social House leaves no stone unturned. Their challenge was clear: to provide top-tier security while maintaining a hospitable environment. They needed solutions that combined discreet designs with state-of-the-art technology, covering access control, detection, monitoring, loss prevention, and damage prevention.  

The Solution: Riana Group’s Shield of Protection 

Riana Group, as their trusted enterprise security partner, rose to the challenge. In 2019, Riana installed a comprehensive suite of security solutions, including:  

Baggage scanners to scan luggage at entry points. 

Metal walk-through detectors to identify concealed or unusual items on visitors.

Boom barriers and spike barriers to control vehicle access and prevent unauthorized entry. 

Smart surveillance cameras with high-resolution video recording and intelligent analytics to monitor the entire premises 24/7. 

The security measures at The Social House are designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, so that guests can enjoy their stay without feeling overwhelmed by security personnel or equipment. 

Results of The Social House’s security commitment 

Peace of mind for guests and staff 

The Social House’s commitment to safety and security gives guests and staff the peace of mind to relax and enjoy their time. Guests can be confident that their safety and security are a top priority, and staff can focus on providing excellent customer service without having to worry about security threats. 

Enhanced reputation 

The Social House’s reputation for safety and security is a major asset. It attracts guests who are looking for a safe and secure place to stay, and it helps the establishment to stand out from its competitors. 

Reduced risk of incidents 

The Social House’s comprehensive security plan ensures zero risk of incidents such as theft, vandalism, and violence. Besides ensuring the protection of the establishment’s assets and reputation, it also helps to create a safe and enjoyable environment for guests and staff. 

What the client has to say: 

“The Social House continues to work with RIANA Group enterprise security partners due to the specialized customer service and product offering that meets international standards. We appreciate their efficiency and dedication.” – Rowland Nyabuto, Security Officer at The Social House. 

Your Safe Haven Awaits  

The Social House has etched a new benchmark for safety and security in the hospitality industry. Through their partnership with Riana Group, they have not only safeguarded their premises but also elevated the guest experience, demonstrating that excellence in security and elegance in hospitality can go hand in hand. 

When you choose to stay at The Social House Nairobi, you can be confident that you are choosing a safe and secure environment. If you are looking for a unique, easily accessible place to stay in Nairobi to relax and enjoy your time without having to worry about your safety, then The Social House is the perfect choice for you.  

Contact Information 

For further information, The Social House can be reached at: talktous@thesocialhouse.ke