Safeguarding Splendor: Broadwalk Mall Teams Up With Riana Group To Redefine The Shopping Experience

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Client Profile: Broadwalk  Mall

Nestled within the bustling Westlands area of Nairobi, Broadwalk is home to unique living, shopping, entertainment and events. From in-store shopping experiences, to luxurious serviced apartments and the latest fashions to discover and share, Broadwalk is your one-stop-shop for what’s new and exciting.


In an era where retail experiences are increasingly defined by convenience, security, and seamless integration of technology, Broadwalk Mall found itself at the crossroads of transformation. The objective was to implement a future proof security infrastructure without disrupting the delightful shopping experience shoppers have come to cherish. This success story explores the collaboration between Broadwalk Mall and RIANA Group, showcasing multidimensional security solutions that fused technology and a human-centric design.

The Challenge

As a prominent retail destination, Broadwalk Mall recognized the need to adapt its security measures to cater to evolving customer expectations and modern threats. Traditional security solutions fell short in addressing the complexity of today’s challenges defined by sophisticated threats and evolving customer demands that require a more integrated and future-ready approach.

The Solution

This partnership leveraged RIANA Group’s expertise in designing and installing advanced, tailored security solutions that addressed the mall’s unique needs. The following solutions were designed to cover the entire mall and seamlessly integrated to enhance security and visitor experience:

Smart Surveillance: A network of advanced cameras equipped with AI analytics was deployed across the mall. This transformed passive surveillance into an active system that could identify suspicious behavior, allowing security personnel to respond proactively.

Public Address and Evacuation System: The integration of a modern public address and evacuation system ensures that critical announcements and emergency alerts can be conveyed in real-time  to guests, shoppers and staff, enhancing overall safety.

Paid Parking System: Streamlining the parking experience, the paid parking system simplified access for visitors while optimizing space utilization, creating a more orderly and efficient parking system.


Vehicular Entrance Control: By implementing stringent boom and spike barrier vehicular entrance control measures, the mall enhanced security and minimized the risk of unauthorized vehicle access.

WiFi and Structured Cabling: Robust WiFi infrastructure and structured cabling were installed, providing shoppers with seamless connectivity and enabling retailers to leverage technology for engaging experiences.

Access Control Systems: The installation of access control systems across the establishment not only fortified entry points but also provided an efficient means of managing foot traffic around sensitive areas.

Pedestrian Scanning Systems: Hand held pedestrian metal detector added an extra layer of security suitable to  identify potential threats before they could escalate.

Building Management System: An integrated and centralized building management system empowered the management to monitor and control various systems, ensuring optimal efficiency and security.

The Results

The collaboration between Broadwalk Mall and RIANA Group produced remarkable outcomes:

Strategic Differentiation: The mall’s commitment to security and innovative technology sets it apart in the market, attracting more footfall and establishing it as a progressive retail haven.

Fortified Security: Instances of theft and vandalism were deterred, contributing to a safer environment that resonated with shoppers, revelers and tenants alike.

Unmatched Experience: Seamless integration of solutions streamlined operations, leading to an enhanced shopping experience characterized by smooth vehicular  traffic flow and minimized wait times.

Operational Excellence: Security personnel are now fully equipped to respond swiftly to situations, demonstrating heightened operational efficiency.

Informed Decision-Making: Data collected from the integrated systems provided invaluable insights that  are leveraged to optimize mall layouts, marketing strategies, and resource allocation.

Emergency Readiness: The public address and evacuation system, coupled with the building management system, bolstered the mall’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies.

What The Client Had to Say

“Quality products, effective communication, and a responsive support team. The dedication and expertise of the RIANA Group team have been instrumental in creating an environment where visitors can enjoy their time with peace of mind.” – Jagdish, Manager at Broadwalk

By the Numbers

  • Over 1,200 car owners engage daily with the vehicular entrance control and parking management infrastructure.
  • The establishment enjoys an average footfall of over 2,000 people daily, all assured of their safety thanks to these installations.


By partnering with RIANA Group and embracing an integrated security approach, Broadwalk Mall not only addressed security challenges but also heightened overall shopping experience. Their success story underscores the importance of strategic collaborations and the power of innovative solutions in navigating the ever-changing landscape of retail security.

In embracing technology as an enabler of both security and delight, this partnership showcases the boundless potential for redefining the mall and retail landscape.


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