The Power of Integrated Security Systems

  • Sidney Oluoch
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As we embrace the ‘smart’ lifestyle, more and more people are integrating different subsystems to make their lives easier. Watches are now connected to phones, and in turn, phones are connected to tablets and personal computers.

Well, if that’s the case, why stop at personal devices? When applied to business security operations, systems integration is no different: it lowers effort and expedites decision-making.

How it works

Integrated Security Systems takes the concept of connected devices and applies it to separate independent systems in a single user interface. Some of the solutions that can be integrated include smart surveillance, access control, fire alarm, building management system, intruder alarm, entrance control, amongst others.

The objective is to simplify processes, gain actionable insights into operations, and facilitate efficient decision-making. To this end, there is empirical evidence that organizations can avoid a wide range of risks by a single stroke of integrating electronic security systems.

Streamline security management

While a single, unified system is beneficial for cost-saving, it can also facilitate the overall management of security. The ability to view all operating systems in one dashboard enables security personnel to manage a site from any location, reducing the expense and effort required to achieve this.

With the availability of mobile technology, security administrators do not have to be in a centralized operations centre to see alerts and make informed decisions.

Finally, analytics can provide users with specific sets of information whenever this is required. Incidents can then be analysed and data-mapped to identify patterns and trends, directing future resources to the most critical areas.


Security experts are increasingly expecting the simplicity of their everyday personal tasks to be mirrored in integrated enterprise systems. A centralised system can provide just that, a single view to help simplify processes, promote cost-saving and accelerate decision making for better security management. Talk to our consultants at USS for elaborate security systems consultation.

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